ESD Flooring Solutions

ESD (Electro Static Discharge) is the sudden flow of electricity between two objects caused by contact, an electrical short or dielectric breakdown. ESD can be caused by a buildup of static electricity by tribo charging, or by electrostatic induction.

ESD includes spectacular electric sparks, but also less dramatic forms which may be neither seen nor heard, yet still be large enough to cause damage to sensitive electronic devices. Electric sparks require a field strength above about 4 KV/cm in air, as notably occurs in lightning strikes. Other forms of ESD include corona discharge from sharp electrodes and brush discharge from blunt electrodes.

That's why ACPM Solutions Group has the right products and services to protect your equipment in your Data Center. We provide and install ESD products like:

* Sealants
* EDS Carpets
* ESD Vinyl
* ESD Epoxy
* ESD Mats
* Dissipative Floor Sealer
* ESD Floor maintenance Products