Our front-line staff members are the face of the company, so it is crucial that they receive proper training. Each team member must know how to clean properly and must understand our company's values.

All ACPM Solutions Group employees attend an orientation where they learn about the company's policies, procedures, and most importantly they learn about the commitment ACPM Solutions Group has to its customers. The commitment is to provide the best Building Service solutions that enable businesses to succeed.

 All ACPM Solutions Group employees receive general safety training as well as specialized safety training as warranted by their assigned duties. Likewise, our staff is trained to consider the health and safety of the people around them, such as building occupants and visitors.

Our service-delivery training program focuses on teaching the very processes that have made ACPM Solutions Group a leader in the industry. Extensive on-the-job training ensures that our qualified staff outshines the competition by delivering better results faster.

Cleaning Trainings

* Carpet Extraction
* Carpet Spot Removal
* Carpet Vacuuming
* Ceiling and Wall Washing
* Daily Restroom Cleaning
* Damp and Wet Mopping
* Detail Classroom Cleaning
* Dust Mopping
* Floor Coatings
* Furniture Cleaning
* General Housekeeping
* Job Prep and Clean Up
* Office Cleaning
* Spray Buffing/Burnishing
* Stripping & Refinishing Floors
* Window Cleaning
* Team Building


*Six Sigma
* Lean
* Chemical Safety
* Security Procedures
* Customer Service
* Customer Interaction


* Confined Space Entry
* Ergonomics
* Ladder Safety
* Lifting Safety
* Lock-Out/Tag-Out Procedures
* Blood-borne Pathogens