Data Center Cleaning Services

ACPM Solutions Group specialized cleaning, monitoring and environmental maintenance Tier I, II, III and IV Data Centers in accordance to ISO 14644-1 Standards Protocol Data Center Cleaning.

Protect infrastructure assets with our specialized anti-static cleaning services.

Our experienced data center cleaning staff is comprised of technically skilled specialists that have gone through extensive background checks for high-security clearance, and have gained expertise cleaning data centers outside and across the country. Each employee attends comprehensive and ongoing training to ensure the strictest standards of excellence are upheld, and to stay informed on the latest in technology, equipment and best practices.

ACPM Solutions meets the data center cleaning standards set forth by the NDCCPA. The certification requirements of the NDCCPA are designed to ensure that data center managers can trust that vendors meet certain minimum requirements to be considered a data center cleaning professional. Certification minimum requirements include expertise, experience, services, processes, training, equipment, chemicals, and insurance coverage to receive certification in the association.

The best way to eliminate downtime is to stop problems before they start. Our specialized anti-static cleaning services will protect your storage media and other important infrastructure assets, as well as your staff — while you continue your up-time operations.



Prevent unwanted dust and dirt below your raised-floor from contaminating your air-cooled equipment. Our specialists ensure the proper removal of all potentially damaging particles that create system failures resulting in costly downtime.


Prevent equipment shutdowns caused by static electricity and airborne particles. Our staff specializes in anti-static cleaning and restoration of access floors, VCT surfaces, and ESD flooring for all types of Datacenters.


Safeguard all of your hardware and equipment. Our staff employs an effective static-dissipative solution with anti-static gloves and wipes to thoroughly clean your hardware a must in the harsh, dry Datacenter environment — and reduce the risk of conductive electric charge and contamination.


Reduce dust-fallout and penetration of Datacenter contaminants. Our specialists eliminate the contaminants above your facility with the specialized filter systems of HEPA/ULPA vacuums.


Ensure your Datacenter is free of zinc whiskers, ferrous metals, metal shavings, and other destructive contaminants. We thoroughly test Datacenters and clean rooms for harmful residue, check cooling, heating, and air flow levels, as well as detect the presence of any other contaminants. This process results in critical baseline data that allows you to measure the effectiveness of all subsequent cleanings. To maintain OSHA compliance and IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) compliance, we can design a comprehensive environmental monitoring plan according to Federal and ISO Standards that is customized for your unique space and ongoing maintenance needs.


Prevent clogging, contamination, and damage to equipment caused by harmful concrete floor dust particles entering your sub-floor cooling system with a sub-floor deck seal, the most effective method of protection available.


Recover from damage due to smoke, fire, or water, as we help you bring your critical systems back online We provide services to properly and promptly remove water and mud, as well as dry your equipment and floors, replacing floor tiles as necessary.


Industrial Cleaning

ACPM Solutions Group offer the best in industry solutions to safely deliver cleaning services for your Data Centers critical infrastructure. As standards change, and equipment improves, ACPM Solutions Group keeps up to date with the most recent in innovations and techniques, by continuously investing in training, and in the very latest equipment.

Trained experienced technicians and specialist equipment is required on every industrial clean. Incorrect cleaning techniques could result in costly and time consuming repairs to your equipment. That's why we invest in training and preparation for our technicians.

Trained to clean:

* Generators
* Chiller units
* UPS rooms
* Battery rooms
* Switch rooms
* Pump rooms
* Transformers
* Electrical Rooms

Before any cleaning services commence, a site survey is carried out by experienced personnel to evaluate risks and dangers. All ACPM Solutions Group cleaning procedures are carried out with premium products and quality training.