Construction Cleaning


Construction Cleaning

ACPM has the expertise and specially trained manpower to perform all types of construction cleaning.  We have a team trained that understands construction:


Keep construction clean and free of safety hazards: that's the key that talk by itself. Providing a clean construction area and an organize project putting the building and the General Contractor in a high level of attention for the customer.

As a result specialized technicians could focus in their duties. With the intention of been cost efficient and more productive, saving money and time.

Post Construction Cleaning

Post-construction cleaning services include industrial, commercial cleaning, tenant renovations, residential cleaning, retail, medical offices, military facilities, public facilities and government facilities.

We are equipped and specially trained to clean targeted areas during construction periods. When construction has been completed and a punch list has been initiated, a "ready to occupy" cleanup is done.

When the facility has been cleaned on the inside, our team will clean dirt and debris, and pressure wash debris left in any landscaping areas that surrounding the facility. Work will be done in accordance with your specifications and, if accepted, our recommendations will be incorporated to present a clean facility ready to be turned over for immediate occupancy. This cost-effective approach will allow the facilities to be turned over quickly to minimize downtime usage of building spaces.

Commercial and residential construction companies have to deal with many pressures in today's economic environment - from the high cost of materials to financing difficulties. Some of the highest costs in loss are in the cost controls of post construction cleaning. The competition for new job starts is greater than ever, and the margin of error must be significantly reduced in order to ensure success. In this type of business climate, when sub-contractors use shortcuts, it can put businesses and homeowners at risk for liability, damages, delays, and accidents, cutting into profits or even causing a company to fail.

By hiring only professional, stable subcontractors who deliver quality services on strict deadlines, you protect your company from adverse claims, increase your productivity, ensure repeat business from satisfied clients, and attract investors. ACPM Solutions Group, the premier construction detail cleaning services & construction clean provider in the industry, understands this and will work diligently on your construction site to contribute to the success of your project, while delivering excellence in every facet of construction cleaning.

With strict quality control and a hands-on approach, our expert, uniformed teams are highly trained, to pay close attention to detail, and take all precautions to avoid damages. They are led by English speaking supervisors who conduct a pre-job walk-through to determine your priorities and special instructions and monitor each project for safety and quality. Our priority is to make sure that your job site remains clutter free, always keeping in mind safety first. At the end of every job, the supervisor will thoroughly inspect the site before turning over the project and will answer any questions you may have. You'll also receive a follow-up call from our quality control office to ensure perfection.

We have extensive experience in all types of commercial construction clean up including both pre- and post-construction detail cleaning. With over 10 years of experience, our stellar reputation with contractors, designers, architects, and construction professionals was earned by paying careful attention to detail. We deliver expert care of complex materials and fine finishes, job safety, and reliability. Each project is followed from the beginning rough stages until the end of the final stage with constant communication. Crews are large enough to complete projects of up to 30,000 square feet in one day, and we provide the latest equipment to handle the most challenging site.